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How to Have Sex Correctly

In today’s article, we will try to highlight all the topics about how to have sex correctly, and among them the most important are the different styles of intercourse and the different methods of intercourse.

proper communication can also help prepare you for the baby-making process. Letting your partner know how you feel during sex or asking them to try different positions can help make things more stimulating.

Rules of Intercourse

The rules of intercourse are very important because if you do not know the rules during intercourse, you can commit sin by having intercourse, so it is very important for all of us to know the rules of intercourse to be free from sin. Know more for money…

How to Have Sex Correctly
How to Have Sex Correctly

The normal course of intercourse is for the husband to be on top and the wife to be on the bottom. … And when the wife is down and the husband is lying on top of her then the body of the wife will be covered by the body of the husband. Moreover, this method is the most comfortable. In this, the wife does not have to suffer during intercourse and it is also beneficial and helpful for pregnancy.

How to Have Sex Correctly

The union of husband and wife is the most joyful moment of creation on earth but from this moment you will have sexual intercourse to make you happy and the sexual intercourse method is the husband will meet the wife sexual intercourse or insert the penis into the wife’s vagina that is sexual intercourse.

The most important thing you should pay attention to during intercourse is whether you are using any prohibited method of intercourse eg.

You have to remember whether you are having sex with your wife’s anus, that is, if you are having sex with her from behind because it is religiously forbidden to have sex with her from behind.

Rules of Intercourse

Also during intercourse one cannot have intercourse during the period of the wife’s period this is a strict method of intercourse as intercourse during this time is absolutely prohibited.

You can’t have intercourse while fasting it is haram to have intercourse so when you fast you don’t have intercourse during the day but you can have intercourse at night while fasting.

During intercourse the wife will lie under the wife, the man can have intercourse from above and the wife will continue to have intercourse on top of the man.

The wife is the man’s sexual grain field, so you can cultivate the grain field as you wish, but you must be careful so that you do not have forbidden intercourse with your wife.


Yes! That good, old and reliable missionary position. The male lies on top and the female behind him with mass which helps in deeper penetration. Deeper penetration means that the semen, once released, will be closer to the uterus, increasing the chances of conception.

How to Have Sex Correctly
How to Have Sex Correctly

This is one of the best sex positions that is proven to give women faster orgasms. Adding a pillow to your lower back gives you an added advantage during pregnancy.

Doggy Style

This is the best sex position preferred by men. Do you know how to have sex correctly?. The woman bends down with her hands on her legs and the man enters from behind. It does not require much effort and once done properly both men and women enjoy it immensely. In this sex position, a woman’s cervix opens up more and sperm can easily reach and fertilize the egg.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is one of the wildest sex positions for women, which gives the woman all the power. The female is facing up, away from her partner’s head. He controls the speed of the uterus and the depth of penetration. In this way he can ensure that deep penetration is taking place and that the semen moves easily into the vagina.

Legs on Shoulders

In this position, the woman rests on her partner’s back with both her legs on his shoulders. The male stays between the two legs and presses from the front.

Gravity is an important factor when you are trying to conceive. Since the uterine area of the woman is slightly elevated in this sex position, it causes gravity to direct the flow of sperm towards the uterus, thereby, increasing the chances of conception.

Side-by-Side Seizures

Both partners face each other, clasping their legs and ensuring proper penetration. This position gives the female intense clitoral stimulation, which prepares her to receive sperm. As this position helps in deeper penetration, the chances of getting pregnant increase.


This sex position will definitely make your sex life exciting. The man stands, and the woman initially rests on both her hands and feet. People want to how to have sex correctly. Do you want? The male then grabs his partner’s legs from behind and positions himself to insert himself into the vagina. How can I be considered good at sex? It results in deep penetration which makes getting pregnant easier.

How to Have Sex Correctly

It is also important to have the right mindset before and during sex. Worrying about whether you will conceive at that time will only hinder the process. Instead, you should relax and enjoy the process of intercourse.

You can watch a romantic movie, go out for dinner with your partner to set the mood for the night. Having a deep and romantic connection with your partner makes your sex life better.

Final Thought

Everyone’s body is different and they have different sexual organs. Knowing those parts of your partner will help you set the mood for intercourse.

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